Web & Mobile Apps

We specialize in turning conceptual ideas into software applications and platforms. We have been doing this for almost a decade and have our thumbs on the pulse and direction of technology and know how to build usable, scalable software as well as knowing which pitfalls to avoid. We often help our clients with a lot more than just the technology and give input on various fronts such as business strategy, revenue model, launch plan and usability studies.

We are well versed in building complete systems where the web, mobile and admin components all work fluidly together, sync user data across all platforms and maintain the usability and visual integrity of the brand.


While we are fairly technology agnostic, we do believe there are best of breed technologies for both web and mobile and we have made a strong effort to be best in class in the ones we use. We like Java because it is fast, powerful and has a large user base. Ruby and Ruby on Rails is intuitive and great for rapid development. We have been building enterprise Flex applications since it was invented and we have been building iPhone and Android applications since the first day their app stores opened. We do not build for Blackberry.

Design & User Experience (UX)

We are fanatical about design and usability and believe that software should look as good as it functions. Our design and UX team make sure that each project gets it's own personality suited for it's user-base and has easy to follow usability. We like to see people smile when they use the software we build :)

Time, Cost & Risk

Do you hire a big firm or a small firm to build your software or try to hire internally or string together a team of freelancers? The goal is to build it right the first time so you don't have to either rebuild it or spend a lot of time fixing it. Too many times have we've seen a company pay a lot of money to a firm only to find they got a bunch of junior programmers staffed on their project that couldn't deliver. We've seen some start-ups miss their window of opportunity by trying to be cost-effective and hire internally only to find that it takes a long time to assemble a team with great talent and use a proven process.

9mmedia is able to put together a swat team of senior developers on your project who have worked together before, use a proven process and can think outside the box to solve difficult problems. We get high quality products to the finish line fast, with low risk and at a reasonable price.

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