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FitnessBuilder is the most comprehensive fitness platform available.  As a full blown platform with web, iPhone and Android applications, users can access hundreds of workouts and fitness programs as well as over 5000 exercises with which they can drag and drop to build their own custom workouts.  9mmedia also built many other tools for FitnessBuilder including a custom Content Management System, reporting tools and e-commerce functionality.

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FitnessClass is a native iPad app (soon to be on web, Android and GoogleTV) that allows users to stream a wide variety of free and paid fitness classes.  Users can find classes by the amount of time they have to workout, difficulty, rating and many other parameters.  It has been featured by Apple multiple times and has been an overwhelming success!

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9mmedia has built over 6 iPhone and iPad applications for Akamai technologies, most of them for internal use.   The applications range from providing a variety of web usage and traffic statistics to providing Akamai business analytics.

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Golf Digest

The Golf Digest iPhone application allows users to view step by step video instructions by professional golfers on how to become a better golfer as well as track their progress on which lessons they have taken.

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A massive undertaking and almost 3 years in development, Tweak is a highly advanced system that allows users to choose professionally designed templates and stock photography to create brochures/catalogues/flyers/business cards and more to "tweak" with their own information and send to print.  The system deals with multiple languages, currencies and interfaces and has an entire backend system that allows Tweak designers to create new templates on the fly.

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Little Black Dress

One of six iPhone applications done for Shape magazine to promote health, fitness and diet.

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David Bowie

This iPhone/iPad application features amazing images and music from legendary David Bowie throughout his career.   Due to licensing restrictions, this app was only on the app store for one year and is currently unavailable.

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I Love Logos

This iPhone/iPad app allows users to dynamically create their own logo quickly and easily with virtually limitless options.  It taps into's InDesign servers to dynamically create high resolution, scalable vector graphics  It was built as a mechanism for Tweak to generate print customers.

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Iphone_on Ipad_on


One of four iPhone and iPad applications we did for the American Museum of Natural History, Dinosaurs has had over half a million downloads and has been featured by Apple countless times. 

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The Ali iPhone/iPad app is a photo mosaic built from the most comprehensive image collection of Mohamed Ali throughout his entire career.  

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David Barton Gym

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One of six iPhone applications done for Shape magazine to promote health, fitness and diet.

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Shape Butt Lift

One of six iPhone applications done for Shape magazine to promote health, fitness and diet.

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One of six iPhone applications done for Shape magazine to promote health, fitness and diet.

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