About Us

9mmedia is a 10 year old, seasoned software firm that specializes in building new and innovative applications. We only hire extremely talented programmers, we do not outsource and we employ Agile methodologies to build usable and scalable applications.

We have built software for a wide range of industries and companies and have worked with many funded start-ups to help them realize their vision. We don't just write code, we inject ideas and creativity in how to make the application and user experience the best it can be. We are very passionate about the projects we work on and become an integral part of our clients success.

Morgan and Brian

Morgan Lang & Brian Weisenthal

Morgan and Brian met at Cornell University and started 9mmedia almost a decade ago in San Francisco and moved the company to New York City in 2003.  Morgan and Brian form a perfect balance in leadership that has constantly evolved 9mmedia to stay at the forefront of technology.

Morgan heads up business development and concept creation while Brian is one of the most brilliant technologists of our time and leads all technical aspects of each project. Together and with the 9mmedia team they are an unstoppable force, can solve any problem and create any vision.

Morgan holds a degree in physics from Cornell University College of Engineering and Brian holds a degree in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering from Cornell University.

Our Culture

Happy developers write better code, this is a fact.

9mmedia was founded on the belief that there is no greater asset to a company than the value of each individual member of its team. To this end, we have worked hard to maintain a culture and environment that supports creativity, intelligence and passion, to attract and nurture top talent.

Our office (formerly Jim Henson's muppet factory) is designed to be a comfortable and inspiring place for work and collaboration. Check out our article on officesnapshots.com here. There is no dress code at 9mmedia and we encourage our employees to configure their workspace to suit their preferences. Employees are given the freedom and flexibility to make their time at work productive and stress-free. Weekly massages, company trips, team lunches and ability to occasionally work from home all help create a culture based on trust and responsibility that help our employees work at peak performance. We also like to have fun and regularly socialize at company parties, dinner gatherings (often cooked by the co-founders or other team members), Wii tournaments, ski trips and cultural events around the city.

Coming to work everyday in vibrant, downtown NoHo in New York City adds to the energy and excitement we put into our work. 9mmedia is a creative, fast moving place where people don't hesitate to share opinions and engage to solve complex problems. We feel at home in a place that is, like us, evolving and recreating itself everyday.


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627 Broadway, 9th fl, New York, NY 10012